Monday, April 4, 2011

So a week later...

There's a reason why this is coming so late. I waited until I calmed down from the truly HELLISH trip I took to the doctor. I did NOT talk to her about dieting, in fact, she never brought it up despite the fact it was on my form. She was COMPLETELY incompetent and kept me waiting for 40 minutes.

I'm not really sure who her normal clients are, but that was beyond ridiculous. I waited for her for 40 minutes, for a 12 minute appointment where she didn't cover ANYTHING I asked her to. She ran tests for things I did NOT want and I didn't realize what the tests were for until after she'd already done them. I'm beyond upset with my experience there.

If anyone tells you to go to Fenway Health, DON'T. They're full of shit or they hate you. Either way, it was a ridiculously shitty experience.

Sorry for the rant, I just thought you should all be informed. I started a diet which I will talk about later when I'm not as infuriated.