Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My List Thus Far

I realized that I hadn't put up my list yet! So I'm going to post it here. I should note that it's not really a complete list. It's sort of a working list, like when I stumble upon a craft I like I might add it, you know? Right now it's just the basics of doing things like this.

But here we go!

1. Learn to Knit
2. Learn to crochet
3. Sew a dress.
4. Make an amigurami.
5. Learn 10 different origamis(is that how you pluralize that??)
6. Make 10 different patterns(with knitting)
7. Make a book-box
8. Crochet a scarf
9. Knit a scarf of my own pattern
10. Make tea-soaps
11. Build a three-tier plate
12. Knit gloves
13. Sew a dress

I know the list is short right now-but I'm still sort of building it! No judgement?


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